Tuesday, November 14, 2017


This is going to be short and sweet, but it's on my heart so I wanted to share.

Friends...there are so many people that you are going to speak to throughout the day and there are many that are going to speak to you.

If I can encourage you today - SPEAK LIFE!

Surround yourself with the people who will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.
This may mean making some changes in your life - - - this is ok!
Sometimes tough, but also doable.

Our pastor spoke about this some in his message this past week; a reminder that God will ALWAYS send someone to speak life to you.  A reminder that you have to have people in your corner that are able to show you the bigger picture.

Sometimes, I think you have to be willing to drown out all the noise and listen to who He is using to speak to you.  What you need to hear can come in so many ways...

I can tell you - I'm a words person and my family and friends know this.
And my inner circle is small, but it's filled with people who speak life!!!
Within the past 3 weeks, my love tank has been filled just when I needed it most.

It actually started with a text that simply said:  "So while doing my last bit of homework for my Bible study, this question grabbed my attention.  I did end up writing other names, but none came as instantly and effortly as yours.  I just wanted you to know the effect your have on others just by being who you are..."  The question - In a world where Jesus followers often feel alienated, we can run to one another, huddle, laugh, and muse for a moment and almost taste home.  Whose company gives you what you think might be a foretaste of Heaven's fellowship?

I'm sharing this, not to boast, but to show - God will send people to speak life to you!!!

What this person didn't know when she sent that message was that is came at the end of a very frustrating day when my "mind" was getting the best of me and I felt defeated because nothing, and I mean nothing, was going the way I intended at work.  My "job."  What I get paid to do. And what I strive to give my best daily.

That text was a simple reminder that it doesn't matter what my "job" is day in and day out - what matters is the work I am doing for Him.

Speaking LIFE!!

We need people in our corner speaking life over our jobs.
We need people in our corner speaking life over our marriages.
We need people in our corner speaking life over our children.
We need people in our corner speaking life over our finances.   
Over our situations.
Over our hurts.
Our troubles.
Our fears.

And we need to be able to return it and speak life into those around us!

Take a look at the people around you.
Listen to them.
What are they speaking to you?
Drown out the noise, and take time to listen.

If  their words are not building you up, but bringing you down - you  may need to rethink the interaction you allow yourself to have with them. 

And take a good listen to yourself.
Are you using your words to build others up or tear them down?

Oh, goodness - we are so much better together!
Speak life to the people around you and let's watch this world change person by person!


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  1. When problems cloud your day, don't focus on the problem, focus on the "problem solver", Jesus. Our strength comes from Him, not ourselves, so why do so many try to deal with their problems alone?