Monday, November 6, 2017

Failure to Thrive

Failure to Thrive.

You hear this a lot with pediatric patients, sometimes adults.
It's defined as decelerated or arrested physical growth and is associated with abnormal growth and development.

My parents were told this was what I had as a child; I wasn't gaining weight or inches.  And, unfortunately, that "title" stayed with me for a long time.

And I don't like this term, "failure to thrive."

I said it.

In all honesty, I really don't.

And in my case, not only was I being compared to what an "average" child should be doing, but I have a twin sister I was being side by side compared to as well.

Failure to thrive.
How dumb is this?
I think they need to come up with a better term.

Which has led me to some thoughts:

Failure to thrive is so much more than a medical term given to patients.
Thrive means to prosper, well, advance, succeed.
Failure - lack of success.  Defeat.

This is so much more than weight and inches.
Am I right?!
Think about it.

We have so many things that we are able to thrive with, yet we often let failure overcome.

Our jobs.
Our marriages.
Our children.
Our friendships.
Our talents.

And I often wonder is this failure to thrive more about what we can't do OR more about keeping up with the image of what we think others think we "should" be doing and we set our own self up for failure.

Meaning do we put limits on ourselves because we see others rocking it out and just feel like we're "never going to get there..."

With your job - it may not be what you want to be doing for the rest of your life, but do you show up and give it 100% no matter what?
With your marriage - are you giving what you want to be receiving?  Are you pursuing your spouse 5, 10, 15 years later like you did when you were dating?
With your children - are you setting the example, are you loving them when it's hard to even like them sometimes....just keeping it real, y'all - tween and teenager years can be tough.
With your friendships - are you allowing grace? Being there for each other in the highs and lows and not just out of convenience?
With your talents - are you using what you have or hiding it?

I hope you see where I'm going here.
It's really easy to get caught up in how it looks from the outside looking in to someone else thriving, but guess what?!?
Those people are probably feeling the same.exact.way.

You have everything you need to thrive; God has equipped you with everything you need for this journey through life.
They have everything they need to thrive; God has also equipped them with everything they needs for this journey through life.

Let's stop comparing side by side and just start blooming and creating a beautiful place for us all.

Sunflowers stand tall and mighty.
Lily of the Valley sits low and delicate.

Both just decided to bloom!
No need for competition...just determined to thrive!

Friends, we are better together.


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  1. Like you, Jenny, mom and I were terrified, frightened, bewildered, and confused when the doctors told us that you had "failure to thrive". Now, look at you all the years later, not only have you "thrived", you have excelled! I am so proud of you that it's a wonder that I have not burst at the seams! Mom and I did the best we could in raising you and your two sisters, and now you are doing the same in raising your two daughters. As mom and I look back at our life experiences over the last 43 years, at how we learned "on the go", and how we're still learning, we see the same thing in your, and your sisters' lives. We are confident that you all can "thrive" through anything!! Daddy loves you, baby girl!