Sunday, August 6, 2017

Fully Capable in Isolation

***I just wanted to start by apologizing for the delay in posts over the past few months...sometimes, life just gets the best of us!  However, we do try and post an encouraging word each day on Facebook, so please like our page if you haven't already!***

This morning, I did not want to get out of my bed.
At all.
I just felt crummy and had no motivation to get myself moving.
And I wasn't completely sure if this was all in my head or if I truly didn't feel "well."

Which brought me to these thoughts I wanted to share:

This past Thursday, I received the radioactive isotope to destroy my thyroid.  One thing that comes along with this is having to remain in isolation for 3 days. You would "think" this is something to look forward to - 3 days to yourself!

Well, for me, not so much.

My isolation came with a lot of restrictions and things I could/ could not do.
Yet, I was fully capable.

Isolated and still fully capable.

Isolate/Isolated/Isolation by definition is cause to be or remain alone or apart from others.  Synonyms include separate, set/keep apart, segregate, detach, cut off, shut away, keep in solitude, quarantine, etc... how ever you choose to put it - you're alone.

Capable is having the ability or quality necessary to do or achieve a specified thing; able to achieve efficiently whatever one has to do. One of my favorite synonyms is to "have what it takes."

For the past 3 days, I had the ability to do everything I needed, but my isolation restrictions held me back.
For the past 3 days, I was separated from everything that was "normal" for me.  
For the past 3 days, I was dependent on my hubby for meals (that he so graciously would bring to my door).

Let me just keep it real.
It sucked, y'all.

And it made me realize how often we do this in life.
How we are fully capable yet we isolate ourselves.

This morning, the majority of my isolation was lifted!  I still have some restrictions with the time I'm able to be close to our girls (children in general) and pregnant women, but that will lift in about 2 weeks.

My isolation was lifted, I was fully capable, and I didn't want to get out of my bed.
I actually laid there for a few minutes, willing myself to go back to sleep when I finally spoke out loud, "My goodness, Jenny!!!  Get it together!  Put your shoes on and get out of this space!  Go get some fresh air.  You've been in here for 3 DAYS!!  You are more than capable!  GET UP!"

And I listened to my self!

I got out and walked for about 30 minutes and then started the task of washing all my linens and laundry from the past few days and took time to listen to our pastors sermon online!  All while eagerly waiting for my hubby to get home with our girls so I could hug them!!!

And this thought kept rolling around in this head of mine, so maybe someone needs to hear this today.  I know I sure needed the reminder.

What is it that you are fully capable of doing but are allowing yourself to remain apart from others?
What is it that you have all the means right at your availability, but you allow yourself to come up with reasons (excuses) as to why you should just keep putting it off?

I can tell you one thing for me has been exercising at a gym!
Now that sounds really stupid, huh?!
I'm fully capable of exercising...I've never enjoyed it...and if I'm honest, it intimidates me.
Because in this head of mine, I guess I feel like people at the gym "have it together" and I just do not.
But guess what?!
I have the same ability to achieve fitness goals as those showing up at the gym everyday.
So - look out!!!  This hot mess express will be trying something new, a POUND class, for the very first time tomorrow!!!

Maybe for you it's something with your job.
Or maybe it's a goal you've set for yourself.
Maybe it's putting yourself out there and looking for new friendships or relationships in general.

I feel like we often ask for these opportunities that take us to the deep end, so to speak, and we quickly feel like we are drowning.
Sometimes, the water isn't near as deep as you think and you simply have to stand tall.
Sometimes, you are in over your head and you simply have to just keep moving to stay afloat.
Sometimes, you need to remember that you've been brought to these waters because others cannot reach you and it's time for you to do your thing!

A few weeks ago, I stopped to take a few pictures of some sunflowers on my way home and thought about them today.

This one reminds me of isolation...this sunflower is surrounded by light and other sunflowers that are blooming bright yet it was singled out [isolated], fully capable of blooming, but just not yet showing off it's ability.

And then you have this one that is blossoming bright and surrounded by others, sharing their light! This is a reminder that we need others - please don't allow yourself to isolate yourself from others.  I am a firm believer that we are truly better together and that God will bring people into your life for a reason.  Surround yourself with those people!  And I know, I know...sometimes it's hard to put yourself out there if you are so used to just going it alone, but don't let that intimidate you!  Start small - start a conversation, share a smile, offer to help never know how a friendship might be born!

YOU are capable of anything you put your focus on!  Remember that!  Give yourself a pep talk if needed, get your tribe behind you and share your ideas/dreams so that they can help push your towards them and look for signs when you start to pull back, and just simply allow yourself to enjoy being surrounded by others who see your potential!  Don't hold all that you have to offer this world in isolation and know you are more than capable!


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  1. Beautiful observation! So much truth! God designed us all for relationship . . . .relationship with Him, and relationship with one another. No one is an island. We need each other and times of isolation are reminders of just how true that is!