Sunday, March 12, 2017

Whose Got You?

"You don't need someone who has your back, you need someone who has your front.  Someone willing to go ahead of you and fight for you." -Lisa Wilgus

I heard this quote just last week and immediately thought to myself, "Now that's a good word right there."

And I've been thinking about it all week.
Like really thinking about it.

And I've come to this conclusion:

As a woman, especially, I think you need both.
For the men who read this...I'm definitely not excluding you, but I just know there's something special about lady friendships!
Someone who has your front.
Someone willing to go ahead of you and fight for you.

This instantly took me back to my school days...
Let me introduce you to my friend, Tanchanika.
Tan and I grew up in the same little town and went to school together; Kindergarten to Graduation!  And if there is one thing I am confident of, even to this day, it's that Tan had my front.
I was as small as she was big.
I often wonder if maybe that's what connected us?!
Because, no doubt, Tan and I had a bond.
We still do.  (Although now just connected via Facebook)

But for real, Tan had my front.
I think she took it as her personal mission to be my bodyguard.
She wouldn't (and didn't) let anyone pick on me because of my size.


And I don't even know if she knew, but on the opposite side, I had hers.
As I said, I was as small as she was big...and where I couldn't beat anyone up on her behalf, I would surely make it known that she was more than "her size."

But I gotta give a shout out to my girl because she is even better today than 20 + years ago in school.  She is taking care of herself and looking fabulous!
We've both had a lot of haters over our years.
I still struggle with why people have to be so cruel when it comes to body size/image.
But, can I tell you how it felt as a child, tween, teen to know this girl had my front?

Well, there really aren't words.
It's just an amazing feeling, that's for sure.
We need people in our life willing to go ahead of us.

Think about it...
Do you have those kind of people in your life?
Are you that kind of person for someone in your life?
Because if not, maybe you can have their back.

Someone who is there to help carry the load when things just become too much.

And let's just be honest...I think there comes a time in each of our lives when things can just seem a bit overwhelming, right?!
And those are the times we need people who have our back.

Those friends who walk in when it seems like everyone else is walking out.
Those friends who take off what they can of the load you are carrying and let you know they are going to walk with you...they aren't going to let it weigh you down.

I actually would consider myself to have a lot of "friends."  And  I think that's because I've always been able to get in where I fit in with a variety of crowds.  But if I'm being honest, when I think about the ones who have my back, those who say it and mean it, well those are my "people" ... if you know what I mean... and I can probably count those on these small hands of mine.

And I'm ok with this.

Because these are the friends I can simply text and say please pray for me today.
Those friends I can bare it all to and they listen, simply listen.
My confidants.

I think when you're going through those tough times in your life, it's then that you will find who has your back!
Here's the deal - some people aren't going to stay in your life forever.  And this is often a hard lesson to learn.  But what I've learned over the years is that you will always have the people you need in your life.

Maybe, like me, when stopping to really think about this, you're already thinking about these people who have your front or back...or maybe, like me, you're even finding that you have some extra special people in your life who have BOTH!

Many times that's your family. Your brothers and/or sisters.  Or your girlfriend or boyfriend.  Your spouse. Your best friend.  Maybe it's your neighbor, a coworker, a teacher, or even a coach.

Do yourself a favor - when these people come to your mind right now, take a minute to thank them for being such an important part of your life.  A quick text or phone call.  An email or note in the mail.  I promise, it'll mean more than you know to the one on the receiving end!
And, if you're that person for someone - make sure to remind them from time to time that they have a friend in you...that you've got their front... that you've got their back!

And because I'm me...I do want to remind those reading who are maybe feeling like they don't have anyone who has their front or back - that you do!!!  God has BOTH! I want to remind you that there is not a place you have been or are going that He hasn't already been.  Remember that!  We are never alone, no matter the journey!

Friends, we are SO much better together!


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  1. Your words rightly prove that "Friends are chosen family!". I am grateful that God designed us "not" to be a island, but to need one another. . . . like you you say, "We are better together."