Friday, March 24, 2017

On the other sides of the wall...

So, yesterday, I had to have a liver biopsy.

Fun times.
Minus the fun.

Left me first say - I'm totally ok!
Long story short, I've just had consistent abnormal liver function tests for the past year.  I've been on meds, I've been on vitamins and probiotics, I've even tried Plexus and ItWorks.  For those who don't know me well, my body just likes to work against me and I'm more than sure this is all it is.  However, since I'm not an alcohol consumer or drug abuser, and have no reason for these to be more than doubled what they should be, my physicians just wanted to get a better look at the actual tissue to see what is going on.

So biopsy it was!
And in all honesty, I made out fine.  Not a procedure I want to have to have again, but I would just consider it "uncomfortable."  The worst part for me was the actual numbing process.

Or the 5 minutes I thought I might meet Jesus!

Apparently, my liver spasm'd out on me about 30 minutes after my procedure when I was back in ORU.  I made out so well with the procedure (the radiologist said that the ladies told him I had a high pain tolerance and he said he'd have to agree :) ) I only had to stay an hour for observation...I felt totally fine, very tight in my chest/upper abdomen area, but they said that was I was just chilling and sipping on my ginger ale.  Phil had come back and we were passing time watching "Let's Make a Deal."  About 30 minutes into my hour, I looked at Phil and told him I was feeling something that just didn't feel right...but I didn't want him to say anything because I didn't want any pain meds.  Again, for those who don't know me well...Jenny doesn't do pain meds well.  At all.  But he grabbed the nurse and by that time, I said I was probably at a 5 and she said she really wanted to give me some meds and while I was trying to explain that I could probably wait, the pain skyrocketed to a 10+++, my heart rate went above 160 and my bp to 159/145.  Go figure, just 30 minutes til I could get out of there and my body decides to say, "Sike!!!  You need to stay longer."  Worst pain I've EVER experienced in my life!  The nurse called the radiologist because she wanted him to check on me and went to get the meds, which at that point I was agreeable to.  Another nurse came to check my bp and handed me a pillow to press against where I was having pain.  And I'm not kidding, just as fast as the pain came on, it subsided.  And I was fine.  My bp went back to normal and my heart rate to my normal.  I didn't want to take the meds, because I knew how I was going to feel on them...but they really wanted something in my system in case that happened again.

So, she kindly crushed the pill and put it in pudding for me.
Because I can't swallow pills.  (well, it's more like it's in my head, but well, you know....) 
These nurses were so good to me!

Side note:
I spent all day trying to get one (1) pain pill out of my system.
I felt nauseous.
I didn't feel right in my head.
I just wanted to sleep.

As I was being discharged (on time because I really was ok), one of the nurses who was caring for me was wheeling me out to Phil's truck and said, "I just want to say - You really handled that like a pro..."  Little did he know that I legit thought I might die for about 5 minutes.

But it's all good.
Phil got me home and I just rested all day!
And, really, I'm just a little sore where they actually pushed the needle through.  

I can't say enough good things about the care team in ORU and the ones with me during the procedure...I totally felt like I was being cared for by the best!

But this wasn't supposed to be about me...I just know people have been asking about what's going on, so I wanted to share so you can continue to pray that I get back GOOD results and something that can explain what's going on!

Once I was up and had something to eat last night, I got to thinking about something I observed during my time waiting yesterday and wanted to share...

The guy in the room to my left was apparently there to have his port removed. And you can't​ help but overhear conversations...So when the nurse that was assisting with his procedure came to get him and review what they would be doing, the patient said he wanted his port out because he was "done" with chemo and quite frankly just didn't want treatment anymore. But he was confident in his decision and in a happy mood. As the nurse started to move his stretcher, asking if he was warm enough/needed more blankets, the patient asked if he was going to end up in the basement today?! (Meaning the morgue) It took the nurse a few to understand what he was implying but then quickly said, "You mean the cold place? Well Sir, I certainly hope not!" And the patient laughed and said "I guess I don't need them then, huh..."

Meanwhile...The lady to my right was in a foul mood. They were obviously having a hard time getting her IV started...She was loud and kept insisting she knew her body better than them and wanted to tell them how to do the IV. She was a nurse and how dare they not listen to her. They brought in the IV queen (who is super sweet) and this patient kept with the negative attitude, insistent that new nurse wasn't going to get it either and she just wanted to go home. Within 5 minutes the nurse got the IV in with not a word of thanks from the patient.

I thought about both of them.. Not knowing either one of them and only getting a glimpse of their day, I could tell both of them had stories.

But you know what else I noticed...The guy to my left had someone with him. The lady to my right was alone. And I wondered if she was alone in general.

And I was reminded how we're better together!

Maybe if she had had someone there to simply be there, she would have been in a more pleasant mood.

Maybe not.

But I silently said a prayer that she feel comforted in the midst of whatever was going on.

Because here I was, a little anxious for the biopsy I was about to have, but confident in the fact I knew I was being covered in prayer...By so many!  (and let's just add in the fact that my hubby posted a not so lovely photo of me in a hospital gown, on a stretcher, waiting to get my iv started...that more people than I imagined saw...)
If nothing else, I knew I was being prayed for and I appreciated it so very much!!!

I say it all the time, but we need​ people in our lives, friends!!
We really are Better Together!


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  1. As always. . . . you are always thinking about others and putting them and their needs first. You are the most unselfish person that I know and I am proud to be your dad!