Monday, February 20, 2017

Better than Cake

I am so excited to share this guest post from my friend, Heather Duma!  (To find out more about Heather, please check out the previous post on Bundle of Twigs Facebook Page!) 

As I'm quickly approaching a year since the launch of this blog, I have been thinking about ways to take this to the next level - and in my heart, knew that meant stepping out of my comfort zone share with someone, other than my hubby and closest friends, my thoughts and dreams and visions about Bundle of Twigs, but more importantly, trust them with the words they would essentially be sharing with each of you.

So, this is me, doing just that!

While I've known Heather for many years, unfortunately, our paths haven't crossed as frequently as they once did, but we truly "connect" via social media!  I think she said it best, "I feel like we are online soul sisters!"

Heather kept coming to my mind and I simply reached out to her, shared my vision and dreams for this blog and asked her to think about possibly being a guest blogger from time to time.

And here we are!!!  I hope this is the first of many!

She's beautiful inside out...a fabulous wife, mother, friend, AND writer!!!
And, well, there's so much more I could say, but I want you to hear a good word from her.


I had the day off and my baby was at daycare. And sister, I was determined to enjoy the alone time to do all. of. the. things. Every last one.

I ate cake. I napped. I watched all my favorite crappy tv shows. I stayed in my sweats and ate more junk food. I drank my coffee with too much sugar and didn't even take my shoes off at the door. Rebel status. Did I mention I ate like a whole plate of cake? Because I did. And it was amazing.

After I efficiently wasted my entire morning, I was ready to experience what I knew would be the pinnacle of my day. I ventured out to my ultimate happy place. My sun porch. I wanted to fully embrace this beautiful sunny February day.

Except...this is what greeted me. Le sigh.

Only a sliver of sunshine and dead plant galore. Darkness and decay. I sighed and began to think of all of the "tough stuff" I was trying to escape from on this day of rest.

I closed my eyes and puffed my chest.  "No.  This is my space.  This is my happy place.  I WILL enjoy this.  Right here.  Right now."  

I took a confident step toward that one little ray of sunshine and I planted my feet firmly in its glow.  I closed my eyes, took a few deep breaths, and just really soaked in that exact moment in time.

Man, it felt good.

What if we had that kind of courage when the devil came to us with even the big stuff? The audacity to puff out our chests, take a step of faith with full on confidence - covered in the full armor of God - knowing that His plan would prevail and we would, again, see and feel the light without trying so hard? 

When things seem dark, there is always one ray of sunshine if you look hard enough. Stand in that ray. Bask in its warmth. Plant your feet firmly in the belief that sunshine will again envelop you, consume you, and entrust you with  its presence.  
It feels good. Even better than all that cake I had today. Honest.

My prayer for this week: "God, we thank you for that little glimpse of the sun, when we see only darkness.  Help us to remember Your goodness no matter the season.  We thank You for Your promises and Your love for us.  Help us to continue to build up our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, because we know...that together we are better.  Amen."


  1. OMG Heather stop it! That went from hilariously perfect to just absolutely perfect. And I gotta tell you I didn't even see that connection coming. (BTW if I didn't know you in real life I would swear you were photoshopped! So much gorgeous inside and out!)

    1. You are too, funny! And, thank you sweet friend. Happy to have a place where we can share and encourage one another! I am thankful for your friendship.