Monday, January 9, 2017

Snow Thoughts

My official countdown to Spring and Summer time is now ON!!!
This past weekend, we had our first real snow of the season, and let me just tell you...I was once again reminded that I wasn't made for winter.

Not even kidding.

It's fa-reezing!
And no matter how many layers, no matter how close I sit to my little space heater, I just cannot get warm enough.

However, as I woke up this past Saturday morning, I got to thinking.
It's ok if I don't love the cold and snow.
But what I DO love is being snuggled up and warm at home with my family.
The beauty the winter season brings with its sunrises and sunsets and yes, even the snow.
The pure happiness and excitement the snow brings to my hubby and our daughters and even our dog!

Maybe I was trying the whole mind over matter thing.
Maybe I was just trying to not be grumpy.
But really, I was just trying to look for something TO love and be thankful for....because, if you look hard enough, there's always something.

So, although I was wishing I was sitting on the beach staring at the ocean, I sat in my cozy chair and watched the snow fall...and here's some random thoughts I had.

You know, no snowflake truly ever falls in the wrong place.
As long as it continues to snow for a period of time, with the temperature just right, no matter where the snowflake falls, it's going to stick.  And eventually, with the addition of the other snowflakes that continue to fall, it's going to start showing that something is indeed happening.

Kind of like life sometimes, huh?!

Sometimes we're going to "fall" into places that maybe we don't think we're ever going to fit in or make a difference. But if we surround ourselves with like-minded people, while remembering that we are like a snowflake and each bring our own uniqueness, if you stick together long enough...BIG things can happen.

As I sat and admired the beauty of the untouched snow - it made me think that the way we treat others - the kindness that we share, the smile we give to a stranger, an encouraging word passed on - each of those, much like the snow, beautifies anything it covers.

We have it in us to help make this world a more beautiful place.
And I just don't mean visually.
Imagine what a fresh snow looks like...glistening, and bright, and clean; a fresh start, a clean slate.
If we could just take time to cover others with kindness, and love, and with hope...think about how beautiful this world would be.

And playing in the snow...while I don't personally enjoy spending time in the cold, especially when it's still snowing, my hubby and girls sure do.
And don't get the wrong impression here.
I DID go out and enjoy some laughter with my family.
I'm a good wife/mom like that.

10 minutes is better than no minutes, right?!?
I think it probably took me longer to get all layered up, looking like the Michelin Man.

But, I wouldn't want to miss out on the fun just because I don't "love" the cold.

However, Day 2 came around and when our daughter, Tatum, asked if "we" (meaning her and me) could go outside to try and build a snowman,  I was like, "ummm...why don't you ask your dad, or sister, or Avery?!?"

So, ok...I'm not the best mom!
First, it was cold, ya'll.  Like bitter cold AND windy.
Second, we had a fluffy snow.  Definitely NOT snowman building snow, but my daughter doesn't get that and was determined to at least try!
And did I mention it was cold?

But Avery to the rescue...thank goodness for girlfriends, right?!

After I got them all bundled up so much so that they could barely walk, I gave them 15 minutes.  And told them I just thought it was way too cold for them to stay out longer than that...and off they went.

And let me just tell you how determined these girls were.
After a few snow angels and trying out the little snowboard (or how we rocked it out, a boogie board) ramp, I looked out the window watching them both crouched down trying their hardest to build a snowman.
Together.  The cold not even phasing them (so I thought) because if one of them couldn't figure out how to make it happen, tag teaming would surely get the job done!
I stepped away long enough to look for my phone to take a quick pic, but by the time I came back to the deck door, they were barreling in and stripping off the multiple layers, ready to move on to something else.

They reminded me that even in extreme situations, as long as you have a friend to endure whatever it may be with you, you're going to make it, regroup, and be able to eventually move on to something else!

And then there's this:

One of my least favorite back roads we have to travel to get to a main road.

To make a long story really short - I got stuck on this road for HOURS during a snow storm once and just cringe thinking about having to drive it when it snows.  If I have to drive before the roads are what I consider "drive-able," I generally take one of two other, longer, routes.

But this morning, I had a chauffeur as Phil was able to get me to work, in a truck already heated and warm, where I could simply enjoy the view on the way in and be dropped off right at the entrance to the hospital I work at.

How's that for service?

Besides the fact the he knows I don't like the cold and snow, he knows I hate having to drive on our back roads even more so.  Added bonus for him is that he LOVES being able to get out and drive in it. 

But most important, maybe one of the things I'm realizing is that sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone to appreciate the beauty of what is around you.

I don't know what that looks like for you, but for me, if I simply allowed the things I don't like to hold me back from going "outside" - I would surely be missing a lot.

Friends, we are better together.
Join me in stepping outside - as fragile as we might be at first, if we stick together, we can accomplish much.



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