Monday, October 17, 2016

The beat goes on...


I spent Saturday evening at my very first Delmarvacade!

What is a Delmarvacade you may be thinking?!?
Well, it's a night where High School marching bands from throughout the region fill Wicomico County Stadium and they perform what you would likely see at a football halftime show.
For those of you who may not know - this mama LOVES a marching band!!!
And even more so partial to the drum line. 
I mean, when I was in high school, marching band was pretty big!
My marching band was invited to Disney World and performed in one of their Downtown Disney parades! 
Pretty exciting, right?!  (That trip I was still a "pom" girl)

I have so many memories of my time in band front and the marching band.
We didn't have football, so halftime shows weren't a thing for us, but we did have parades!
And as much I as *hate* the cold...somehow you just learned to deal with it and push thru.

Summer time practices learning and memorizing the parade music.
Nighttime practices marching thru the parking lot at Pocomoke High School...I even remember it snowing one time.
The bus trips.
The Joe Corbi's fundraisers.
The quick run to McDonald's or Hardees before you had to meet the bus.
Packing fruit baskets at SYSCO.
The hand warmers.
Mr. Batson.
Our Drum Majors.
The pride.

And oh, that drum line.
If it was one thing PHS had - it was an on point drum line.
I still remember all the cadences. 
Oh...I love how you could feel every beat right down to your soul.

I found myself right emotional sitting among the 1,000+ people Saturday night.
Yep, listening and watching marching bands.

I know...for those who weren't in band, you just might not get it.

By definition, a marching band is a group in which instrumental musicians perform for entertainment, and prepare for a competition. Instrumentation typically includes brass instruments, woodwind instruments, percussion instruments, and color guard.

A team that comes together!

To be completely honest, a few of them blew me away.
Like I'm still talking about them and their performances.
SO much talent!!!

And talent on all sides. 
From each section of instruments to the color guard "telling" the story all around them to the drum majors leading their team on - with all eyes on them!

The support system they had in helping getting their instruments, equipment, and props on AND off the field.
The parents and fans in the stands cheering them on!

What a reminder of how when you come together, you can accomplish so much!

I am desperately hoping for one of our girls to want to be a part of this "team" - sitting in the crowd the other night I found myself thankful that even though many of the "specials" are being pushed to the background, and often the focus is more on what "sport" you play, that there are still schools and leaders and fabulous musicians and performers who are rocking it out on the field with their band mates!  

The beat goes on.  
The drum line reminds us that as they continue to run their cadence.

Left, Left, Left, Right, Left.
It's not easy to get off track when you hear the steady beat.

And even if you do, you have a whole team around you that will help you get right back in step!

I was like a proud parent with each team (that I didn't know) and all these high school students (that I didn't know).  I cheered them on and even got teary-eyed with a few of their performances.  Obviously, I thoroughly enjoyed my first Delmarvacade and cannot wait until next years!

And just for old times sake....
How are your feet?

(or something very similar to this...)


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