Sunday, August 28, 2016

Just One Week...

Where to even start.

Friday, August 19th - my husband's father, Pop, who has been fighting (and might I say, beating) cancer, found out the treatments were no longer working and he is now under hospice care.  

Definitely not what anyone wants to hear, much less when it is your family.

I've posted about him before, but it's worth repeating...Harry Harsin is truly one of the strongest men I know.  And as tough as he is, this nasty disease, this thing we call cancer, is just proving to be tougher.

And I absolutely hate it.

Sunday evening as we were sitting trying to work out Phil getting back down to Florida to see him, (his truck was in the shop and we were just trying to work out the logistics) one of our friends called me.  She said, "Jenny - we've (her and her husband and many of our friends) pulled together and have enough money to not only get Phil a rental for a week, but also traveling/gas money."  Well, I just burst into tears and then my hubby did as well.

That was a God thing.

So Tuesday:
He left in the morning around 6:30 to head to Florida.
At 8:30 am I received a call from my grandfather passed away that morning.

And as I sat in my office at work, the tears just came.
And God bless my work family.  
They love me in spite of my hot mess self these days.

Phil said he would come home, but I told him absolutely not.
I needed for him to spend time with his dad while he still could.

I left around lunch and went and got my girls and had to tell them about our Pop.  
Dreading that more than anything.
You see, they have a pretty special relationship with him and truly saw him even more than I did.
And then we spent the rest of the day with my mom and family just helping as I could to help arrange things for the funeral services. 
There were even flowers delivered to me at my parents house that day...that's how much my friends love me!

So, during my lunch break, I went to pick up Phil's truck from the shop (we opted to get fixed what needed to for now) was completely dead.
I seriously cannot make this stuff up!
Mind you, a new battery was one thing that was done.
The service guy "jumps" it to get it running. Turns it off and restarts and it won't start. He takes off the jumper cable thingies, shuts the hood and says, "You need an alternator" and starts walking away.
And I'm like, hold've had this for a week...and it's been on your diagnostic machine and you're just now telling me the alternator decides to go bad?
As I walk back into the service desk area, he comes around the corner telling me with parts and labor it's going to be an additional $325.
And I simply said, "I need to call my husband." I get Phil on the phone and, trying to keep it together, give him the brief rundown and ask he just call them.
When I hang up, the nicer guy behind the counter said "You want us to go ahead and fix it?" And all I could say was that Phil was going to call.
And holding back tears, said "I'm not trying to be difficult. My husband's in Florida because his dad is under hospice care and he just needs to spend time with him, my grandfather died unexpectedly yesterday, and this was just the last thing I needed to hear today."
And as hard as I was trying not to, I might have cried.
Just a little.

And God bless that man, he walks away and comes back and says, "Mam, just leave the keys here and I'll have them take another look and I will touch base with your husband."
A few hours later Phil calls and said it's ready to be picked up and said we owe them nothing.
And I said, "Was it because I cried? Because I was a little pitiful for a quick minute."

Friends, that's a God moment! 

Not to mention my lovely friend and chauffer, Megan, who waited for me, took me back to work, AND came to pick me up this afternoon!

I keep having people tell me that I'm strong. But it's really more than that.
I have Faith, Family, and Friends.
And what more could a girl need?

Simply proved to be a MUCH better day!
I made some progress on a project at work.
Phil's truck started when I tried it!
And I enjoyed a much needed Girls Night with dinner and a movie with friends!

A neighbor came and got our trash and made a dump run for me.
And then friends took me to dinner so I didn't have to be alone!

And then came Saturday:
The day we celebrated the life of my grandfather, Charles Overholt.

My mom asked if I wanted to say something at his service, and while I'm not a public speaker by any means, I did -

I have a lot of memories when I stop and think about my grandfather, but more so since my girls, Ryleigh and Tatum, his great granddaughters came in the picture.
My goodness my Pop loved them.  He would just light up when they walked into the room.  And he would make sure to let everyone know who they were and how proud he was of them.  It's because of them that I saw him more than usual because they would be the ones reminding me we needed to stop and see him on our way to Poppa and Nana's.
Precious memories they have with him and for that, I am thankful.

Through this past week, we've heard so many people say how much Pop meant to them.  And the things they will remember about him.

My Pop loved the Lord and if there's one thing we all know, it's that he wasn't afraid to speak that.  And I know to some that could be overwhelming at times, but in his heart, my Pop just wanted everyone to have the same relationship he did with the Lord.  

You know, my Pop and I have that in common.

A few months ago when Pop had had a particularly rough day, Phil and the girls and I came down to spend some time with him.  That evening as I sat with him, I took his hands in mine and just held them.  And then I really got to looking at them and had these thoughts fill my mind.

Pop's hands.

They held my grandmother's hands.
They held my mom's and Aunt and Uncle's.
And Great Grandchildren.
They have driven cars and trucks and tractors.
They have tended gardens.
They have held many books; his favorite being the Bible.
Hands that I know have been held in prayer.

I remember him telling my husband that night, "God said today wasn't my day!"

My Pop had set the Lord before him and even though there were times he would get weary and long for Heaven, he knew Who held his tomorrow.

Well, Tuesday, was his day!  And as I think about his hands today, I can only imagine that they are lifted in praise.  

My Pop is finally at home!

You know, he has left a legacy - My mom, Uncle Carroll, Aunt Lissa, and all our Overholt family.  Like any family, things haven't always been perfect, but there has always been love.

In the last few years, we saw a reversal as my mom and them took on more of a "parental" role for Pop.  I've seen them care for him in so many ways.  And I know Pop may have not always said it or shown it, but I know he appreciated each of you and loved you so much.  Mom - you've been a pillar of strength.  You get that from him.

You know, my husband's father is tough, but the cancer is proving to be tougher and he is facing his final days...and my heart is breaking for my Harsin family.  He still has so much life to live and WANTS to live.  
My Pop - well, there is no doubt in my mind that he was ready to go.  And I am confident that he is in the true land of the living and I know we will see him again one day!

I want to encourage you today to remind the people in your life just how much you love them and what they mean to you...because we know there will come a day when you won't be able to.

Thank you for celebrating the life of my grandfather with our family today.

The service for him was just wonderful. 
A beautiful service...Over 200 friends and family celebrating the life and legacy of my grandfather.
I'm not even kidding - over 200 people came for a man who was 91 years old!  
I hope I leave that kind of legacy! 

And then we ended the night with our family, Eastern Shore style.... little neck clams, fried oysters, soft crabs, and Smith Island cake!

And then today...I couldn't help but just be reminded how good God is to my family.  Phil made it back home...and I did good until this evening and then just burst into tears.  I think I've been trying to hold it all together, but with him finally home, I was able to just breathe again.  We talked about the many things I have already shared and just how thankful we are for the ways God is showing up each and every day.  I shared on my personal Facebook page this:

God is so good to my family!
I know I've been on post overload this week and quite possibly you may you be "over" them, and that's don't have to keep reading.
But Phil and I just wanted to thank our friends and family for just being "YOU!" For reminding us that in good times and bad, we have people who show up and show us love in so many ways.
Just in this past week alone, we've had a rental car paid for and even traveling/gas funds given to Phil so he could go spend time with his Dad (his truck was being worked on), cards, messages, and flowers sent when my grandfather passed away, dinners, help with our girls, my mom and sisters making sure the girls have all they need for school, anonymous card with a gift card to Walmart, offers to help get us all down to Florida, even simply being handed cash to help with whatever...and those are just the things that are coming to my mind as I write this.
Most importantly, we've had people praying for us and that truly means more than you'll ever know!
Overwhelmed and thankful for the friends and family God has blessed us with!

I just keep seeing more and more how much better we are together!!! I hope a glimpse into my life for just one week shows you that, too! 

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