Friday, August 19, 2016

Just keeping it real...

So, it's been a bit since my last post.

There's a few reasons for that.
1. Life is BUSY!!!
2. Work is Crazy BUSY!!!
3. Sometimes there's just things going on that you want to talk about, but can't OR just don't know how to.

I find myself in the midst of all 3. 

So, in just keeping in real, tonight has been one of those nights.
I'm sad.
Like "have a good cry" sad.

But as I sit here and simply try and have some quiet time, my mind is reflecting on how, just recently, I have been reminded that we are better together; how we truly need people to get thru life.

Here's just a few:

Conversations at the beach with your girlfriend...just being real and honest all while being surrounded by the consistent sounds of the ocean.
A friend paying for a daith piercing to help with my migraines...and then another friend going with me to have it done because they knew I didn't want to go alone.
Encouraging texts when you need them most.
Being included in a wedding of two beautiful families coming together as one...and being asked by my friend, the lovely bride, if I remembered helping her one morning in the hospital parking lot (a story for another post for sure).
Being told, "I'm praying for you."
Bonfire in a friends backyard (with Smore's) just looking at the stars.
In the midst of SO much going on at work, taking the time to laugh...and maybe cry.
Listening to music with friends at a local winery.
Worshiping side by side with a friend in a church we've never attended...and enjoying every minute! 
Sitting around the dinner table just talking with friends.
Shopping with your mama.
A sister who loves to love on her nieces and sends money for them to go school shopping.
Getting chauffeured to work when you're down to one vehicle for a few days. 
Simply having someone you can confide in.

This list could continue and this is just a few highlights from this past month.

I guess what I'm trying to get at, and please note this will not be my most brilliant post ever, is that even when you think you're having 'one of those days' - I truly believe God sends you exactly who you need at that moment to help you see things a little more clearly.  Or maybe to laugh or cry or pray with you.

Thank God for those people in your life!
While it might not be evident to you at the me, it may mean taking a step back and reflecting...But I promise, you'll see it.
You'll see those times where someone was there when you needed them the most.

I posted this on my Facebook this week:

"What's true on the mountain top is still true in the valley. 
Stay strong. 
Keep your faith. 
You've got this because God's got this!"

God's got YOU!
Yes, we are going to have some days...but I fully believe He will put people in your path to help you carry on!
I encourage you to be that person for someone else!

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