Monday, May 16, 2016

ONE degree of difference

Take a minute to read that again.
And let it sink in...

It's just a difference of one degree.
It's all about stepping it up just one notch.
Reaching a limit, but pushing it just a little farther!

I think there is at lest one area in our lives where maybe we need that one degree difference.
Something we're good at, but could push our self a little harder.
Someone we could invest our time in, but we're just not making the time.
Or maybe, it's allowing one person into your "circle"...
Because, you know how I see it...we are better together!

I'm keeping this one short - I think the above quote says it all and I want to encourage you all to ponder on that and really think about what your one degree might be.

I was in a class once where everyone was asked to stand.
We were then instructed to raise our arms as high as we could in the air.
And then were asked to look at everyone's arms raised as high as they could get them.
The instructor then said, "Ok, I'm going to ask you all to do one more thing before you sit down...raise your arms just a little higher."
And as we looked around, you guessed it, everyone was able to raise their arms just a little higher!

Push yourself.
Push those around you!
Strive for your best at all times.
Make a difference.
Be the difference!

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