Sunday, May 29, 2016

At All Times

Last Sunday night as I was getting ready for bed, I couldn't help but think that it had, in fact, been a pretty good day.  I even posted on Facebook:

Today has truly been a good day!
Even with the rain.
Even with an accident.

I was able to make it to church.
Overwhelmed with a friend sharing an answered prayer with me. 
Enjoyed lunch with Nana and the girls.
Even snuck in some quiet time this afternoon.
Watched a Hallmark movie snuggled up with my girls this evening.
And have received so many messages from just the right time and just what I needed to hear...all throughout the day.

God is so good to me!
Last week was tough on a few levels, work and personal, but know this...
He uses it all!!!

And I truly believe only greater things are coming!!

Monday morning, scrolling through Facebook, I read of two students that were hit in the school parking lot at Stephen Decatur in Berlin.  Not once even thinking it would be someone I know.

It was.
The oldest daughter of our Lead Pastor at SonRise, Meg, and her boyfriend, Carl, were hit and run over by a student backing up in a conversion van.

Can you imagine receiving that call?
I mean, seriously?

So much running through my head.
I couldn't help but think my girls and I were able to drive away, unharmed, from one of the worst intersections for accidents on Rt, 50 the day before, and now our pastors daughter is being flown to Shock Trauma for her injuries...selfishly praying for broken bones that could be fixed and not head injuries.  Praying for the doctors that would be treating them and for Pastor D and Traci as they were driving the 2+ hours to get to their babygirl.

This post in intended to remind us of a few things...the power of prayer, the power of forgiveness, the fact that we are better together.  

To know the McCready family, is to love the McCready family.  
We have known them for years, but Phil works under Pastor Daryl at SonRise Church and we've been blessed to get to spend time with them outside of church at retreats and conferences and you just cannot help but love them.

As a pastor, Pastor D simply loves people like Jesus loves people.
He practices what he preaches.
His vision and his love for the community speaks volumes to me.
And Traci.
Oh my goodness, she is simply a gentle soul who always knows just the right thing to say or do or pray.

You know when there are just good people in your life.
They are good people!

As a mama, I couldn't even fathom what was going thru Traci's mind, but I do know one thing - they were putting it all in God's hands...With permission, here are some of the posts over this past week that were keeping everyone updated on Meg and her boyfriend.

The first post that went out from Pastor D:
"Prayers needed. This morning our daughter Meg and her boyfriend Carl were run over in the school parking lot by another student backing up in the parking lot. They are flying them both to shock trauma in Baltimore and we are in route there. Please pray for all involved. Including the young man who was driving the van. We will update as we know more."

And others that followed throughout the days following days from all of them:
"Update on Meg. Just got a call from the hospital. Meg has a bleed in her liver, a crack in her pelvis, but they do not believe any other internal organs are compromised. They have not completed the assessment. So there may be more. We spoke with Meg and she was comfortable and calm. Thank you for your prayers and support we feel it! Our God is in control and He is good!"

"Hello everyone, I know there are lots of worried people out there. I personally am doing fine, however I do have a punctured liver, a few broken bones in various places, and some bruises and scrapes. I just want to thank you all for the love, support and prayers. I am so blessed to have such a great flow of support. And as far as news about my boyfriend, I'm not sure about any recent news. From what I hear he's very tired as well as I am, but we are both going to be okay."

"Just an update from this Momma's heart. I'm sitting here watching my baby girl sleep peacefully. Considering her injuries she's had an amazing night. They've kept her in ICU due to the size of the laceration on her liver. So far her counts are all good. The scapula (shoulder) fracture is causing her the most pain but they have kept it managed very well. She also has a pelvic fracture, a few cracked ribs, and a minor fracture in her spine. Her face and much of her body is scraped up. Now let me tell you about my Jesus. Meg describes being face down and feeling the vehicle tire run over her shoulder and pulling her hair which was in a bun. Meg knows a few inches and that would have been her head. She crawled out from under that vehicle in her own strength thinking she was dying. I have so many words I want to say. I've witnessed the hand of God in so many ways in this. If you know Meg you know she loves Jesus. I've watched her handle this with tremendous Grace. I've seen her display a sense of peace that comes from knowing God personally. It's not popular to be 16 and a sold out follower of Jesus. Meg doesn't seem to concern herself with popularity. I've learned so much from this amazing girl I never thought we could have. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for every prayer, all the love and concern. The Dr is here so love to all!"

"Our God is an awesome God! I praise Him for His protective hand over my daughter Meg and her friend Carl Echols yesterday. Because He is good the Lord protected them from death. She was backed over by a full size conversion van. She suffered multiple fractures, many abrasions, and a laceration to her liver. Her friend Carl was struck by the vehicle and suffered multiple injuries as well but my God spared them and protected them from even more serious injury! As I sit here watching her resting in this hospital bed I praise you Lord. For your mercy and kindness to me. It looks like she will be here for a few days and then have some challenging times of healing and recovery ahead but she is going to heal. THANK YOU to everyone who prayed and offered help and many other things. For those who drove to the hospital to visit, support and pray. We are very grateful. Our family asks that the same support we have received be afforded the family of the driver of the van as it was an accident. I pray God will bring good out of this."

"Well, as of today my boyfriend was discharged. I got to see him for a few minutes before he left and just that little moment of time meant everything. I'm so blessed, all of this love and support from people I know, and have never even met. I have troubles getting around to all the messages and posts about me, my dad's was shared over 1,000 times. I wish I could personally say thank you to each and everyone of those individuals. However, my sleep schedule may not allow that. The prayers are being answered by the minute, I could have not survived this accident, I could have needed surgery. But through Him, I can do anything. Through Him I will be better than ever. I am able to eat food with out getting sick, I am able to move my legs with more ease, and tomorrow I may even be able to walk. Thank you all for your prayers, God is good."

"Just to keep updates on Meg for all those who are taking this journey with us. Today was a tough one. A test was needed that required Meg to be moved and uncomfortable for, to this Momma, a really long time. I held it together and whispered her life verse in her ear "Be strong and courageous and do not be afraid for the Lord your God is with you" Joshua 1:9 and Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." The tears flowed but she remained strong the entire time. I tagged Daryl in and headed to the Chapel with my amazing sister-in-law Pat for a well needed time of prayer and crying. I left that room so refreshed and comforted. The results were good and ruled out a concern. Due to the severity of the liver laceration she will remain in ICU again tonight. And now for some good news: Carl was able to go home today and got to spend some time with Meg. That was such good medicine for Her! We're so thankful for him and his family. She ate solid food tonight, kept it down and is not nauseous, she is enjoying all the posts, texts, gifts etc. They have truly touched her. Daryl and I are sitting here together!! I thank God for this amazing man I get to call my husband. And again heartfelt thanks to all those keeping us lifted up. We sure feel it!"

"We've made it through a very difficult few hours. My girl continues to push hard. The physical therapists were able to help her stand, take a step and sit up right in a chair. The pain was intense especially the back fracture but she didn't quit. It took a long time to accomplish but she wanted to achieve this today and she did! The pain and nausea that followed were tough and I struggled with feeling faint myself but thank you Jesus when we are weak He is strong. Don't tell her but she's now snoring comfortably."

"So lucky to have such an amazing boyfriend, who has such an amazing family, and for my own family and friends. You all are helping me through this step by step. I have been so encouraged and uplifted by all the positivity towards us, and I am also so thankful to have experienced. I now not only value my life, but the lives of those around me so much more. Joshua 1:9 still proves to be my life verse, and no matter what, God is with me. And I have no room to fear."

"I'm being reminded of the scripture my Amazing Ladies Tuesday morning Bible study group has been challenged to memorize. I'm just waking up from 2 hours of comfortable in a real bed sleep. I'm pretty sure it's Psalm 122 " I look up to the mountains, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord the maker of heaven and earth. He never grows tired or weary, My God never sleeps. The God of Israel never sleeps or slumbers. The God who watches over Israel is watching over me. He will not let my foot slip...I'm sure I butchered that but for 3 weeks God has been reminding me over and over to look up. Don't look at my circumstances but to look up, look up to Him. The one who is Sovereign, the one who can handle what I can't. The study reminded us that every time we're spending time alone with Him, reading his word and praying it's training ground for life's trials and tests. Oh how I thank you God for preparing me and renewing my strength right in these moments. You've got this God, even this and I'm holding on for dear life."

"Again this morning they are allowing both hubby and I to be with Meg. We share together all the encouraging texts and posts you guys are sending us. We'd appreciate your prayers for her physical therapy this morning. They will again be getting her out of bed. Mainly the dizziness and nausea. She handles the pain like a champ but the nausea overwhelms her a bit. Right now she remains in ICU but they will determine what's next this morning. They've talked about a step down unit or possibly a rehab facility close to home. They all know her 17th birthday is tomorrow and would like to release her to home. We want what's best for our girl. There will be 17 candles on her cake wherever that may be and for that we are thankful."

"Once again I'm sitting comfortably in a real bed for a few hours and want to share how thankful we are for every person who's loving and supporting us. I don't want to name names and then forget even one person so just thank you all so much. Today 4 students, friends of Megs made the long trek here to see her. I thought it would do her a lot of good and boy did it ever. One young man is a culinary student and brought Meg a cake he had baked her for her birthday tomorrow. One young man Meg met at school and invited him to youth group at church. Because of their friendship that young man now has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The young girl asked my permission to come and kept me posted on the arrival time. The 4th young man is Carl. He rode in a vehicle for hours and walked for miles to come spend a few minutes encouraging my girl. Carl was here today when Meg took 2 steps. I thought those young adults came here today for Meg and I've realized how powerfully their act of love impacted Daryl and I and encouraged us too. The Bible says "do not let anyone look down on you because you are young". These young people and many many others like them at Stephen Decatur and beyond get it. They get that kindness, generosity, serving others and putting others before yourself can change a community which can impact the world. I'm thankful to the parents who allowed these amazing kids to come here today and the others who are reaching out to meg by the hour. I'm so very proud of each of you!"

"Ok latest prayer need. It looks as though she is going to have to go to rehab for a bit. We are trying to get Health South in Salisbury so we can get closer to home. The challenge is they do not usually accept patients under 18 years of age. Pray that they will make an exception for Meg so we can get closer to home."

"Praise the Lord He did open the door for her to go to Health South in Salisbury! We are waiting to hear about when they plan to transport. Thank you to all God used to make it happen!"

"We're in the ambulance on the way to Salisbury, oh happy day!"

"There are a lot of reasons I don't want to share details about what's happening with Meg, but God...we see this in the bible over and over when there are seemingly impossible circumstances and then there will be a ...but God. This morning was particularly difficult. The medical staff is superb and they are willing to do whatever it takes to help Meg. And they were doing everything they could do to ease her pain. The transition from IV to oral meds is challenging. I was at Megs side while the nurse was assisting her. At one point I called Daryl and I knew he was on the way. I called him back and said please right now ask the church to pray, he said I already left. I said call them to prayer. I locked eyes with Meg and said honey close your eyes and picture Jesus and ask Him to help you right now. I called Daryl back at put him on speaker to pray with Meg. Within minutes I watched Meg transform. No pain meds, no medical tricks. I saw God change what humans could not. Your prayers are carrying us on this roller coaster journey. Daryl preached 2 weeks ago on why do bad things happen. I don't know if I can answer that in a way that will satisfy you. But I know God has taken me to a place with Him that doesn't leaving me asking that question. I'm weaker than I've ever been in my life and yet I've experienced a depth of God's almighty love and power I never imagined. Nothing is impossible for God. There are still many many things Meg is unable to do, but God...oh how my heart longs for those following our journey to know Jesus personally. He makes all things new."

And just now, a post from Meg's best friend, Kyla:
"Today I got to sing a song about keeping your eyes above the waves and fixed on God. And later on I saw just that. After an extremely rough morning on a pain scale of 9, I saw Meg laughing and joking, though it hurt, and she then got to sit up in a chair for much longer than she's physically been able to. Later, when she got back into bed, the pain had her on the edge and in tears. She asked for us to all come in and pray around her. Not more than ten minutes later, she was in good spirits again, asking for food and smiling. It did my heart good. I'm so proud of her and she's so unbelievably brave that her nurses were in tears. And Pastor Daryl and Mrs. Traci are doing so great. It's not easy having to see your child in pain, but they're doing an amazing job. I love this family so much, and I am so blessed to have them. Everyone keep praying for her continued strength as Meg starts physical therapy tomorrow."

I asked Meg for permission to share her story and if there was anything she wanted to make sure was included and her response was this - "Definitely about not giving the driver a hard time, I don't want anyone to be down on him because it really was an accident."

Meg, Pastor D and Traci - over and over again reminding us this just isn't about them - to please pray for the student who hit them and show him the same support they'd been given to be given to his family as well.  
So many people who don't even know these teens are praying for them.

But out of this whole tragic accident, do you see the same theme being shared?

God is Good!
That in the darkest of times, there is light!
And Hope!
And Forgiveness!
And Grace!
And, still to come, Healing!
He uses it ALL!

The Bible reminds us to praise Him at ALL times.
Not just when things are going great.
The McCready Family has praised Him through this storm.

And I am confident He will use this for His Good and His Glory!

Please continue to pray for Meg.  She's got a long road of recovery ahead of her, but what an amazing support system she has...not to mention a huge church family and their friends praying for her.

And pray for Carl as he continues to heal.  

Pray for Pastor D and Traci - as parents, it's never easy seeing your children hurting...on any level.

And even more so, let's pray for the driver that hit them as you can only imagine what he is going through. 

I shared with Meg that God is using keep shining her light because her story leads to His story!  She is young, but God is using her through this...she is setting an example and touching so many lives.
God uses it all!!!


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