Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Atmosphere is Changing

I sat in amazement.
One person among close to 20,000 people.

Worship leaders and worship teams.  
North Carolina to Australia.
Texas to California.
All coming together in Virginia Beach, VA.

The OutCry Tour

Two things were reiterated throughout the night...
We Are Louder When We Are Together AND Share Your Love!

One of the first songs started out with these words:
The atmosphere is changing now...for the Spirit of the Lord is here.
And you could feel it.  
I am telling you - there is something truly special about people coming together and worshiping as one.  
To me, it was like a glimpse of what Heaven will be.  

I think as a nation we have lost sight of this.
We have pushed others aside and the focus has become "me" instead of "we."  
Everyone is all about their own agenda. 
Or so it seems, anyways.
It's all about being first and doing more.
Meanwhile, the people right beside us are falling to piece, one by one.  

But The OutCry Tour served as a gentle reminder that "WE" is GREATER THAN "me."

As we entered the venue, each of us was gifted with a book from Pastor Brian Houston.  The first sentence of chapter 1 in Live. Love. Lead. - Your Best Is Yet To Come, says this:
When following Jesus, be careful what you dream.  Because you can rest assured that God will exceed the limits of your imagination if you're committed to advancing his kingdom.

And THAT got me excited!
Some people may think I'm crazy when I say that I hear God speaking to me.  And that's ok...I can't think of anything else I'd rather be made fun of than for serving God and wanting others to know that's what keeps me going every day.
And I do...I feel God speaking to me.
He has put much on my heart and I am determined to see it through.
To be a voice in our city.
To stand in the gap and pray.
Encouraging others that WE can start the change to making things better.
That the church can step up and help be a part of this change.
That instead of turning our back to the problems we are facing, we unite together and face them head on.
That we join together...regardless of age, color, and "religion." 
To stop dividing and start multiplying!
To keep sharing that We ARE Better Together!!!

The atmosphere is changing!!!
I want people to sense it like I do!

I want God to show up in our city.
I am expecting greater things!
Miracles CAN happen!!

Do you ever stop to just dream?
And let God fill you with a purpose and passion for something?
If not, I encourage you to do so...and then start praying about it!

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