Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Bringing them to Jesus

"We're really good at bringing people to church.  We need to be better at bringing them to Jesus."

My friend, B. Haley, shared this with us this past fall and those few words have fixed themselves on my heart.  And I think about it.  A lot.

And the more I get thinking about it, the more true it becomes to me.
We ARE really good at bringing people to church.  
And social media has made that even easier.
A quick text.  FB Message.  You don't even truly have to have a real face to face conversation with anyone to invite them to church.

I'm guilty of this myself.  Maybe you are, too.
And maybe it's working!  
Maybe people are showing up on Sunday morning because, whatever form of communication, you simply asked them to come!
And if so, that's fabulous!
We WANT people to come to church!!!

But what happens next?
Are we really bringing them to Jesus?
Are we following through?
Or, once we get them to church, we think "Well, now it's up to the Pastor to do his thing...and, I sure hope they sing some good songs today!"

What are we doing to bring people to Jesus?
How are we reaching out?
What next steps are we taking to make sure people who have never been to church before leave knowing it's more than just a Sunday morning thing.  
Or better yet - what if someone doesn't want to come to church?
Does that mean they will never come to Jesus?

Ummm...let me just go ahead and answer that.  
The answer is NO!!!

People don't have to be brought to church to be brought to Jesus!!!
I'll say it again, People don't have to be brought to church to be brought to Jesus!
Sometimes, and I think more often than not, we need to meet people right where they are.
And sometimes, that isn't very pretty.

We were at a meeting a few weeks ago when our pastor said something like, "If we're not being asked every once in a while why we're hanging out with " .....fill in the blank....." we need to check ourselves.  Because Jesus didn't come for the healthy, he came for the sick."  And He is so right.  Mark 2:17 reminds us, On hearing this, Jesus said to them, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”

How are we bringing people to Jesus?
Because I guarantee, once people come to Jesus, they will come to church.  
I don't think, and this is coming from a Pastor's wife, so I'm treading delicately here I know...that we need to be so concerned with getting people to church.  Because I truly believe, and I'm just being real here, that if we are truly reaching out to people who have no clue who Jesus is, get to know them and share our story with them...it won't be long before they come to Jesus.  And when people come to Jesus...they will most likely come and be involved in a church.

And maybe not "your" church.  
Your church may not be the best fit and that is ok!  
Just help them find one where they can get plugged in.

Maybe you're thinking it's just so much easier to invite someone to church.
Well, you are absolutely right.  I won't argue with you there.
Reaching out to people and sharing your story, which ultimately points to His story, isn't always a quick process.  It takes time.  It takes commitment.  Trust often needs to be built. Walls need to come down.  People need to see how much you love Jesus, or even better yet, how you show love to someone who is far from Jesus.

How are you living your life so that people see Jesus in you?

Think about that!

Do people see Jesus in you?
And if not, what can you do to change that?!?

Let's stop just bringing people to church and start bringing them to Jesus!

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